Build Your Business

A marketplace that enables South Africans to easily start their businesses online


Project overview

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The BYB platform is an in-house marketplace I led the development of as the Lead Web Developer. It serves as the one-stop-shop for business owners, wherein they can find all the resources they need to set up their businesses, from telecommunications to ICT devices, office automation, etc. 

BYB connects business owners on the platform with funding for their businesses, this then meant I had to build it in a way that would allow for us to be connected with third-party APIs. The stack of choice was Ruby on Rails, particularly the Solidus open-source eCommerce platform.

However, for the proof of concept, I built the platform on WordPress and we saw tremendous success with all integrations such as Twilio, WooCommerce with Paystack for payments, Zappier, Jetpack, and more. After our launch, we saw a high user sign-up rate and we helped these businesses get funding from our partners. Other integrations were with credit providers such as Business Fuel and Lulalend. The platform has both staging and dev environments and uses Hotjar and Google Analytics for key business decisions. Not only that, this data was important from a Product Management perspective to better understand how to optimize the product and which features to prioritize particularly for the main platform I was building after launching the MVP. Because we were relatively a small team, this data was also shared with the Marketing team to better optimize their marketing strategy. As the only Web Dev on the team, I also carried out Product Management aspects of the project such as: 
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Analysis 

WordPress,, Figma