Swiss X

An exclusive, luxury watch marketplace


Project overview

While heading the Digital department at Rebels Playground, I was tasked to bring to life a new luxury watch marketplace for the elite. My main tasks were to do user experience and interface design for the web app and mobile app. Prior to this project, I had never undertaken the design and development of dashboard-based web apps, which is what made my task daunting, but it's all well and good because I love challenges. 

During my user research, it was apparent that the target users were mostly males aged +40, which meant that fonts, colors, and layout were all important as these users were highly possible having eye issues and were not tech-savvy is why simplicity was key. Black and white was the color of choice for the interface design and I had to ensure design cohesion among the different web app interfaces for the different users. 

After having the UI design approved, the next task was to develop the front-end for the web app dashboard. What I learned during this project was that when working with a team, you need to accommodate your entire team because I was initially to use Vue Js for this but to accommodate my team who had no prior experience with Vue, I had to eventually use Bootstrap and Angular (although most of the angular work was done by the team using my bootstrap code). 

Bootstrap, Vue JS, Figma