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Fuelled by a great desire and passion to be nothing but world class and build and ship some of the impactful (internal and external) tech products, maximizing my utmost potential. It's truly been a journey. I was recently a Ruby on Rails Developer at a USA based company, RCRDSHP, a multi-dollar NFT startup.

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Technology is a great passion of mine. Over the years, I have evolved from working in Ad Agencies such as TBWA, Rebels Playground, Maruapula Brand Agency where I focused on Market Research, Brand Strategy as well as Digital Marketing to leading a few small teams in Web Development. I am a firm believer in ones ability to reinvent themselves and live out all their passions. After making the move from Digital Marketing, etc, I have been focusing on Software Engineering, User Experience and Interface Design. In this entire journey, one of the key aspects I have nurtured is my skill-set in the area of Product/Project Management.

When I'm not at my workstation

I am grateful I get to work fully remotely which has meant more time with the people I love. Apart from that, I am mostly travelling or having a braai (they don't really call me a Braai master for nothing.. :D). In most cases, I am binge watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I have been also trying to spend more time impacting young people with Tech skills in Eswatini through my NGO, CodEswatini.

My Workstation

Another random picture of my workstation

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