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Hey, Saw'bona.
I am Thuba Mamba, a Tech Bro.

Eswatini born, Johannesburg based all round Product Designer, Software Engineer, DevRel, Product Manager specializing in bringing ideas to life and building world class tech products and programs.

More About Me

What I Do

Stuff I specialize in.

Fullstack Engineering

Building digital products by leveraging not just the latest tech stacks but the RIGHT ones. Some of these include but not limited to Ruby on Rails, Flutter, WordPress, Node JS and whatever is required for a particular use cases.

Cloud Architecture/DevOps

From time to time, I enjoy working on the Cloud side of things - DevOps, setting up infrastructure and pipelines using such tools as GitHub Actions, Circle CI, Code Climate, AWS Infrastructure, Capistrano, and so on.

Product Management

I've unknowingly been doing PM while leading and working in teams for a couple of years now, until recently when I've become intentional about upskilling my Pm skill-set. I have been thorough in my pursuit of building digital products, be it a passion project, freelance gig or my full-time employment.


Some thoughts and stuff.

07 April 2022

Multiple Environments on Heroku

Staging environments are important when building software to enable you to rapidly prototype and release software. This is one of the methodologies employed in large teams but it's also good pra...

07 April 2022

Tools for optimising your front-end development

I’ve been building web experiences for a number of years now and I wish I knew some of these when I first started out. Although not a comprehensive list, I have grouped them into 3 separate cate...

07 April 2022

Fix AWS S3's 'XMLHttpRequest' Error on Trix - Rails 6

I had this error on this very site and it was actually a pain. After digging around, I finally was able to resolve this and thought I could share the solution. Just a bit of a backdrop, I am usi...

08 April 2022

Infinite Scroll Pagination in Ruby on Rails apps

Infinite Scroll Pagination in Ruby on Rails apps In my PM roadmap, I had some minor improvements for the scrolling of users in Kubukisa, one of my passion projects. Below is how I had it initial...

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I'm always psyched about new opportunities. Hit me up and we'll schedule coffee or an online meeting (honestly, thanks to the invention of the internet).

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